Access the Decentralized Web with Brave Browser

Access the Decentralized Web

Access the decentralized web with the Brave Browser, now supporting blockchain domain names by unlocking access to more than 30,000 and growing decentralized websites and 700,000 domains. The latest update will allow users on desktop or Android platforms with the Brave browser accessibility to both Unstoppable Domains’s crypto domain name company as well as Blockchain-based web properties that are part of it.

Brave is excited to work with Unstoppable Domains in order for decentralized DNS to be accessible by a wider audience. With the help of Brave, Web3.0 (dWeb) will finally become true ownership and decentralization of digital media. “Unstoppable Domains was natural fit for us because it gives our users access not only through .crypto domains but also other opportunities like registering their own domain or hosting an NFT art gallery; there are many possibilities that can make your experience limitless as you take advantage of this new opportunity from Brave” said a Brave representative.

Unstoppable Domains is a new startup that provides easy and inexpensive .crypto domain names to those looking for an alternative to .com, .net or .org.


The Unstoppable team has made it possible for users with no renewal fees to claim their own domains as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, granting them full ownership of this valuable digital asset. These top-level domain names are able to point at content hosted across various platforms including Web, IPFS or cryptocurrency addresses, making it easier than ever before for one person send 70+ cryptocurrencies over 40 wallets and exchanges like Coinbase Wallet, Litewallet, OKEx or MyEtherWallet.

Unstoppable Domains and Brave Web Browser are on a shared mission to onboard three billion people to the decentralized web. The two tech companies announced their partnership, which means easy access for more than fifteen million monthly users of Unstoppable Domains’s domain system who will now be able use Brave without downloading browser extensions or custom DNS settings.

When finished with this project, they estimate that over one hundred thousand domains per month will transition entirely from centralized systems like GoDaddy and HostGator onto their platform because the public want their control back in regards to hosting data securely across many machines all around the world instead of just within company servers.

Brave is building a decentralized web that will be impervious to traditional DNS attacks.

Brave can now host and build websites for users on the Unstoppable Domains network, which takes inspiration from IPFS’s design principles of ‘The Web We Want’. For example, you could use this service to create an NFT gallery or video sharing website where content creators get paid in tokens every time their work gets viewed – without any middleman taking cuts!

Through integration with the .crypto network called Unstoppable Domains (UnstopableDomains), Brave browser has decided it wants its own slice of decentralization pie: “The borderless internet.” Through this integration, BRAVE now supports a decentralized network not part of what was traditionally designated as Domain Name Service (DNS).

Brave is a new browser for the decentralized web or dWeb. With Brave, users can access some of the 30,000 decentralized websites that are now live including Pomp.crypto (owned by Anthony Pompliano), Brad.crypto (an NFT art gallery owned by Unstoppable Domains co-founder Brad Kam) and Kyber.crypto which makes swapping digital assets and cryptocurrencies simple and efficient). These sites allow you to chat with people in private or public sessions while also streaming video together at higher quality than typical video conferencing apps like FaceTime or Skype!

Learn How to Access the Decentralized Web

If you have the Brave browser installed on your desktop or mobile device, click the links below:

The decentralized video sharing platform Dtube.crypto is community-powered, a decentralized YouTube with its features including enabling viewers to make donations and tipping the uploader in crypto currency tokens of their choosing.

Huddle01.crypto is designed for performance, affordability & security – even during power outages or natural disasters like hurricanes; it provides parental controls so that kids can’t join public meetings without permission from parents first!

As of April 1st, Unstoppable Domains had registered more than 700,000 domain names all ending in .crypto which means they’re blockchain domains.

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain domain name provider and gateway to the decentralized web.

Every day, more people are learning about how important it is for their information not to be subject only to data manipulation or theft by mega-corporations like Facebook and Google. All too often these companies have been found out as having abused our trust in them by selling private user data without permission.

Unstoppable domains provides an alternative option that allows anyone with any level of technical knowhow (or none at all!) access and instant ownership of their own individual piece on this new internet space called Ethereum’s public ledger protocol; once hosted there, they can use those addresses freely across 40+ wallets and exchanges!

About Brave Browser

Brave Software has created a browser and ad platform that will change the way people browse, advertise, and earn money on the internet.

Their privacy-oriented Brave Browser provides faster browsing with longer battery life while their blockchain-based digital advertising platform gives better conversion for advertisers as well as higher revenue share to publishers. In addition, this new system rewards users who opt into viewing ads with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) they can redeem or use to tip other content creators which is an innovative idea in itself!

Brave is the solution for everyone who’s tired of giving up privacy and revenue to ad-tech intermediaries. Brave currently has over 30 million monthly active users, with one million creators verified on its platform.

With Brendan Eich’s founding role in JavaScript as well as Mozilla and cofounder status of Brave, this is an innovation worth exploring.

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Good news for Handshake Domains

With the success of UnstoppableDomains, now a few domain registrars are allowing registrations under various Handshake Top Level Domains (TLDs). You can bid on new TLDs along with the ability to buy/sell from the marketplace at

The domain registrar Namecheap recently bought the .p/ TLD for $230,000 and they said they are looking to support Handshake.

Brave browser should also be releasing an update soon that will allow for Handshake domains to be accessed using their browser.

If this were to happen, you wouldn’t be restricted to only .crypto domain names. Handshake names can be virtually anything, from English letters and decimal numbers to Chinese characters and even emojis! They can be used like a traditional TLD with a subdomain (my.home/, my.家/, my.🏡/) or as a standalone name (home/, 家/, 🏡/). How cool is that?

Currently we gave to use the gateway in your browser to access Handshake names without installing anything or changing your DNS settings.

It’s really interesting technology and I can see it being adopted by a lot of big companies, artist and entrepreneurs in the near future.

Browse our gallery of decentralized Top Level Domain Names here.

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Access the Decentralized Web with Brave Browser

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