Searching For a Generic Brand Without a Matching .com

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You’ve a new start-up, with limited funds at your disposal. So you decided to save money by registering a new domain name by grabbing something like or instead of the matching .com domain name.

Your story gets online media attention in industry and mainstream news sites and you are surprised when no one can find your website because all they have is the generic sounding name.

The article mentioned OffSet, but the company is actually called “Offset Credits.” The title of the article mentions it as such. However, if you look at its website there are no links to anything other than themselves and their Twitter account.

Worse still, you don’t appear in search results. You clearly are not an American rapper… are you!

Matching com OffSet Search

This lack of linking to the start-ups website can be frustrating when trying to learn more about what they do on social media or how people feel about them in general. Not to mention the lack of relevant links back to the start-ups website they are missing out on for valuable SEO juice.

If you conduct a search for, you’ll discover a royalty free photo site owned by Shutterstock, not our carbon credit start-up.

So you’ll have a tough time finding OffSet when searching for the start-up company on Google. With a few deeper searches of Google I was able to find them eventually.

This could be due in part because their domain name doesn’t match the public brand name under which they’re marketed.

You can only imagine how many emails intended for end up at instead!

Own Your Name on the Blockchain

With all the best .com’s long, long gone, we are fortunate in that web3.0 is now a reality.

You can now own your own name on the blockchain.

Our fictional start-up OffSet Credits, doesn’t have a few hundred thousand fiat dollars to acquire from Shutterstock. or isn’t an option for the above reasons either.

A decentralized domain name where you own the Top Level Domain (TLD) is a sure fire way to future proof your business online.

Handshake domains are totally decentralized, censorship resistant and out of the control of ICANN. Not only that, but you’ll no longer have to rent your .com, you’ll own your decentralized domain name outright.

In Conclusion

In a world of increasing digitalization, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. But one trend that is quickly becoming more and more commonplace in our society is web 3.0, or decentralized web as some call it.

You may be wondering what this means for your business or start-up, but don’t worry – we got you covered! With Web 3.0 comes new domain names like .LiteCash and top level domains (in our article example .OffSet).

If you want your company name to reflect these changes then searching for a generic brand without a matching .com, we have some great news for you. You can search for your start-up name here.

Searching For a Generic Brand Without a Matching .com

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