We Gift

For all the underdogs, lone wolves, outcasts, censored, persecuted, muted, cancelled, freedom fighting pirates, real journalists, friends, bruddhas and lovers, we salute and gift you.

If your TLD is listed below, it simply means we like the cut of your jib, value what you do and what you stand for. We want to show our support. Please contact us here so we can gift you your own name on the internet.

Handshake domain names are decentralized top-level domain names (TLDs like .com, . net or . org) but are available for you to own outright, not just to rent for an annual fee. You own your Handshake domain names forever (that’s a mighty long time), and no one can take them from you, censor or prevent others from accessing.

We work for biscuits, XMR, ARRR, ETH, Bitcoin and love cups of tea.

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